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"Like Water Into Wine" - Calleigh/Cath - Drabble

Title: Like Water Into Wine
Author: Lyn
Pairing: Calleigh/Cath
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nope, they don't belong to me, but I wish I had been creative enough to come up with them!
Spoilers: teenie Cross Jurisdictions
Word Count: 621
Author’s Notes: First ever Calleigh/Catherine drabble and it feels good! :)

It had only been a few days, a few days that felt like a lifetime. A few days that felt like mere moments, and to Catherine either way it was torture.

From the moment she had laid eyes on the southern blonde, her smile lighting up her face, her teasing lit, and her smart words she was taken.

Now here she was in her hotel room in Miami, the night before she was to go back to Vegas, and her eyes were on Calleigh who was standing at the balcony window, her golden blonde hair being lit up by the moonlight, making it almost like a halo surrounding her head.

Catherine could feel the ache, it radiated from her chest to all her other extremities, making her head swim and her hands tremble. They had shared a few chaste kisses over the course of the two days, but had gone no further.

“Calleigh,” Catherine finally spoke, her words loud in her ears, as the silence that had filled the room was broken.

The older woman watched as Calleigh turned her eyes away from the window, her blue eyes focusing on her, sizing her up.

“Catherine, I don’t know…” she started to say, but Catherine had stood up and closed the gap between them, placing her slender fingers on the younger woman’s lips, silencing her.

“You don’t have to say anything, just come lie with me. That’s all I ask,” Catherine whispered, her voice low and husky, desire just edging the words.

Calleigh searched the other woman’s eyes, and she could see the want there, the desire, and it scared her a little, but excited her as well. She had thought about being with other woman, but had never made a move, not until Catherine had invaded her world.

“Okay,” she whispered back, her breath warm against the fingers that were now mere centimeters away from her lips.

Catherine inwardly shuddered at the moist, warm heat from Calleigh’s breath as she spoke that one word, and then she was standing there alone as the other woman brushed past her, the smell of lilac and baby powder filling her nose.

To Catherine, Calleigh was like opening up a bottle of wine and smelling the intoxicating smell of it, getting high on her beauty and the strength that radiated from every pore of her body.

Calleigh climbed on the bed with as much grace as person could have, and Catherine just stood there a few moments, relishing in the vision before her. The blonde hair as it was fanned out around her, the beautiful curves that were more than visible through the silk shirt and slacks.

“Cath,” Calleigh said, it almost sounding like a question.

Catherine smiled, and then slowly headed towards the bed, crawling in next to the southern beauty, looking down at her face, so beautifully etched, every contour perfect, and as if to reassure that thought she reached out and traced the jaw, watching as the younger woman closed her eyes at the connection.

“So beautiful,” Catherine whispered, reaching down and kissing a trail over the spots that she had touched, “I just want to drown in you,” she spoke against moistened skin, making Calleigh tremble.

Calleigh had never felt so alive, so electric than when Catherine touched her and kissed her, and she didn’t want it to end, didn’t want her to get on that plane tomorrow and go back to Vegas, leaving her here longing for more.

Neither of them wanted to think about tomorrow, and for a few hours they wouldn’t. They would both get lost in one another, touching, caressing, kissing, learning about each other, learning things that nobody else had ever been able to figure out.
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